Authorized Premium Reseller for ためのプレミアム認定リセラーに

My Dear Friends and Downloaders!!!
Official Premium Reseller for の公式プレミアムリセラー
We are here to inform you that we are now using as our main site for backup for the videos and movies 
in order for us to maintain the links we will be needing your support by purchasing and register a premium account on depfile.
This is also to ensure that whenever those links from and are deleted we can easily reupload and maintain the links for your
favorite movies from the cutest and prettiest japanese artist.
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We also offer Reseller options using your webmoney or bitcoin payments 
send your payments using this methods:
°Webmoney purse ( Z161280759890 )
 °Block chain or any bitcoin payments to this bitcoin address ( 17trxSphoKoctaEPjFkzfc5aoKoK8A2Ndn )
∙ DepFile Premium 30 days: $ 18.00
∙ DepFile Premium 60 days: $ 28.00
∙ DepFile Premium 90 days: $ 38.00
∙ DepFile Premium 180 days: $ 68.00
∙ DepFile Premium 365 days: $ 127.00 
When you are going to send the payment via Webmoney kindly please indicate on the Description the details below
” DepFile Premium Voucher code or key for ( number of days ) ” 
 Email Address: ( your email address where we will send the premium voucher or key code )
However if you will send the payment using Bitcoin kindly send us the email ( [email protected] ) to notify us regarding your payment 
Then after we receive and confirm the payment we will immediately reply to your email so you can activate your premiums accordingly.
For further assistance and inquiries please dont hesitate to contact us via email , ( [email protected] )
We will appreciate your full support so we can keep this beautiful girls website active and preserve their pretty movies and videos as active as possible, so 
what are you waiting for?
Purchase DepFile Premium account Now!! ^_^
Thank You very very much!!!
∙DepFileプレミアム30日:$ 18.00
∙DepFileプレミアム60日:$ 28.00
∙DepFileプレミアム90日:$ 38.00
∙DepFileプレミアム180日:$ 68.00
∙DepFileプレミアム365日:$ 127.00
「(日数)のためDepFileプレミアムクーポンコードまたはキー “
しかし、あなたは親切にビットコインを使用して支払いを送信する場合は、お支払いについては、弊社に通知するために私達に電子メール[email protected]
さらにサポートとお問い合わせは、電子メールによって私達に連絡することを躊躇いけないしてください[email protected]
DepFileプレミアムを購入する今すぐアカウント! ^ _ ^
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